Working with Lisa

Are you looking for a web programmer?

I am a visionary and proficient web programmer who has spent over twenty years developing web based programs. I can translate your ideas and needs to create a functional, user friendly web program. I have worked on and created some of the most innovative and web friendly web programs available on the market. As you are reading this, these web programs are right now saving companies thousands of hours of work and thousands of dollars in expenses. Their staff is more productive, and their business can look after what is important. As well, their websites are now bringing in passive income while they are spending time with family. All this is possible for you, too! Would you like me to show you how I can do that for your company?   I know how to think like a business person; I am one. I understand the needs of today's businesses small or large, the need for quality work at affordable prices. I know the economy is slow for some businesses, however the internet is still an amazing way to do business. Online programs are a great way to save money and time. My cutting edge web skills will keep you connected to your customers, your staff, or business associates. I can keep you on the road of success.

As for my specialty, I'm able to code custom PHP web applications, upgrade existing PHP code, or install and customize software for you. For new web site development, I'm able to look after all aspects of website development and web programming for you. This includes domain registration, website design, web hosting and PHP web programming.


I take pride in not only the work I do, but also in the relationship I create with you. You can reach me by phone and email during the work week. I always make time for a quick chat if something needs to be changed or addressed. My service differs from the many other services out there who do not give the personal touch or spend the extra time. For me, that is key! Many clients have come to me because they worked with another web programmer or web designer on their web site, but are frustrated due to missed deadlines. In some cases I'm hired to look over existing code because it doesn't do what it is supposed to do. I also stay in touch with you once the initial project is complete, and continue to provide good customer service and support well after completion.


Any project will receive a free quote or estimate. Please email or call me to explain your vision and web needs. Even if you're not quite sure what your vision is, I will listen and help you crystalize what is important for you to achieve. In most cases, I will even provide you with innovative ideas you may not have thought of. If it's a project that I'm not able to do (either due to scope of work or timing), I will be honest and refer you to another business. Once we agree that yours is a project you would like to hire me for, before we begin any work, we sign a contract. This contract is for both your and my protection, to outline exactly what's expected so there are no disappointments later. For any new client, I also require a retainer up front. Once a retainer is received, I immediately begin the work on your project. Throughout the project we will be in communication to make sure things are progressing the way we both feel comfortable with. If the project comes close to the estimated amount (in time or fees) I will alert you before this happens. Invoicing occurs once per month, usually at the end of the month. Would you like to hear my ideas and get started today? Please email or call me 250-448-7935. I look forward to hearing about your project.


Programming Skills:
  • Java Script
  • JQuery
  • CSS
  • Ajax
  • HTML
  • XML
  • JSON
  • PHP
  • DOM
Database Skills:
  • SQL
  • MySQL
  • MS SQL
  • Postgresql
  • Access
Other Programs:
  • WordPress
  • Joomla


  • Apache/Linux
  • IIS
Please email or call Lisa  250-448-7935 for your free, no obiligation estimate!