So, you want a website.  Why?

No, seriously, this is a very important question!  Websites can do a lot and internet technology is growing by the day, so before you jump in, be clear about what you want your website to do for your business or organization.

Let's Chat

We start by having the conversation with you about your business, what is your business model, who are your customers and most importantly:  what you want your website to do for your business.  

Then we come up with a mission statement for your website to keep everything and everyone on task.   The statement is something like:

 The purpose of the website is to ___________________.

You may simply want a web presence for your business, an on-line brochure of what you offer and how to find you.  It could be to display products or services on line, or generate income through e-commerce.  Maybe you want information about your products to be easily available to customers.  Perhaps you're looking for a better way to communicate with suppliers or staff at other locations.  Websites can do all that too.

With so much functionality available, having a clear mission statement makes it much easier to decide how to spend resources.  This results in a more successful website and (most importantly to us) happier website owners!

Time For A Plan

Once you've figured out what you want the website to do, Working Websites will outline a list of deliverables for the site.  The list includes things like selecting a site look, setting up the structure of the site, creating log-in areas, search engine optimization etc.  Again, this will be a guide in the development of the site to make sure it's meeting it's mark.  Of course we review the deliverable list with you so everyone is clear about what's going to get built, how it works and why it's there.

Although Working Websites will take care of the nuts and bolts of the site, site owners need to make key decisions about what is on the new website and how it looks.

Look of Site

When most people think of a website, they usually think about how it looks.  No doubt about it -- Image Is Everything!  Working Websites will provide you with a list of website templates to choose from.  The selection will be based on your marketing materials, your logo and the discussions we had about your business.  We were listening.

Once you've settled on a template, Working Websites will begin building the site for you.

What Makes a Good Site Look?

The look and feel of the site should reflect your business and appeal to your site users. The colours fonts and images should reflect your logo and branding. Your website, business card, brochures should be consistent.  The tone of the site should also reflect your business (trustworthy, button-down, fun, innovative, busy, corporate, personal).

When your look at the site -- does it say your business?

Structure & Content

Of course pretty pictures only take you so far, you need substance too!  The most important part of any website is the content.  Whether it's text, video, audio, pictures, it should be clear and easy to use.

You are the best person to provide the content for your site.  Nobody knows your organization better than you do and it's important to have your business personality reflected in the site.  Although our clients provide the content, we do help them with the structure.  What goes on the front page, what should be on the menus, the sidebars?  We'll help you figure it all out.  Oh, by the way, that mission statement comes in really handy at this point!

End Results

When it's all done, you will end up with a professional looking website that reflects your business, is easy to use and works for your business.  Email addresses

Managing Your Site

Once your site is up and running, you'll be able to add and change content on your site on your own (it's not fair we get all the fun!).  The site will be built in WordPress, a content management system that allows users to easily update their sites.  We use the program because our clients find it easy to use.  If you can write a document and send an email, you can use WordPress.

Contact Us

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