How To Add Pictures To Your Website

What's a website without some pictures?  Boring.  Nobody wants that.

If you want to add some images to your site, the first thing to do is upload the images to the site so you can use them.

Pictures = Media

If you are adding pictures or other images to the site, you do it through the 'Media' area.  Why not 'pictures' or 'images'? Well, because you can also upload other file types, such as PDF's, MP3's etc.  All of these are media and handled the same way as far as websites and WordPress is concerned.

Once you understand that pictures are media, it makes more sense.

Adding Pictures/Media To Your Site

Before you can insert a picture/media into your web page, you need have the pictures/files on your web server so your web page can reference them.

These files are probably on your computer somewhere, so you just need to upload them from your computer to your web server via WordPress.

How To Upload Pictures/Media To Your Site

  1. Know where the files are on your computer.
    It makes it much easier to do if you know where the files are on your computer.  If there is a lot of files in a folder, and you only want some of them (Ex.  30 pics of products, but you are only uploading 10 of them), it may be easier to copy the 10 files you need to your desktop or a separate folder.
  2. Now your are going to add new media to your site.  It will be kept in the Media Library.
    To get to the upload area of the Media Library:
    On the left menu, select ‘Media’ then ‘Add New’
    On the top menu (black bar) select ‘New’ then ‘Media’
    Adding Images and Media to your websiteOR
    If you are already in a page or post, click the 'Add Media' button at the top of the editing area.
    Adding-Media2In any case, you'll go to the next step.
  3. Click on the 'Select Files'.
    Find the files on your computer you want to upload.  This is where being organized in Step 1 pays off!
    Drop Files Here
    Depending on your browser, you may see that option.  Open up the folder with your files, and drag them in.
    It's all the same.
  4. WordPress uploads and crunches the files.
    You'll see the files being uploaded and processed (crunching).  Wait for it to finish.  You know it's done when you see a list of the files you uploaded with 'edit' beside them.

Now your files are on your site and can be added to your pages and posts.  You'll see them in the 'Library'.

If you want to add one of these pictures to a page or post, click on the 'Add Media' button, select the image in the library, then click the  'Insert Into Page/Post' button on the bottom right-hand side.