Add Links to Documents (and other media)

If you want to insert an image or .PDF document into your page, you need to pull it from the Media area.

  1. Place your cursor where you want the link to go.
    Put your cursor in the text area where you want the link to be.
  2. Click on Add Media button
    This will open up the media area where all your PDF's, images etc. are located.
  3. Find or Add the file you're looking for.
    To find a file, enter a word that would be in the file name in the search box.
    Make sure you're in the 'Media Library' tab.If you haven't added the file yet, click on the 'Upload Files' tab.
    From there you can drag and drop files into WordPress.
    See: How To Add Pictures To Your Website
    Pictures and documents work the same way when adding to the Media area.
  4. When you find the document, Click on it.
    On the right hand side of the screen, you'll see information about the document.
  5. In the 'Title Box' on the right column, enter the name you want to display on the page.
    Technically, this isn't necessary, but makes things easier.
  6. Click on the 'Insert into page' button.
    This will put the link where your cursor was.


More info:

Important Tip!

By default, when you click on that link it will open the file (document) in the same browser window you're in.  In other words, the user will be taken from your site to the document making it tricky to get back.  Since you don't want site visitors to leave your site, you should set up documents so they open in a new window.

See: How to Open Documents and Links in a New Window